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Coco Beach Information

The Coco beach is situated at the mouth of the Nerul River on the Mandovi Estuary, directly opposite Panaji.

Coco Beach

Coco Beach famous for Dolphin Trip

The best places for dolphin sighting in Goa include , Calangute, Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Miramar beach, Aguada bay, Dona Paula beach and Grande Island. You can get your arrangements on an early morning tour with any of the adventure organizers.

Goa has an established set of protocols when it comes to handling cases of marine strandings including whales and dolphins as well as turtles and other marine life.

The dolphin show in Goa offers you a memorable experience with which you can witness these cute marine animals while cruising through the alluring Goan waters. Be ready to rejoice in the calm and solitude with adorable sights of dolphins with spectacular views of the mesmerizing shorelines in the backdrop.

Number of restaurant at Coco Beach

There are a number of restaurants here and the 10 or so restaurants are popular in the afternoon, but quiet at night.

Further down the estuary there the two small beaches of Quedevelim and the Reis Magos Church and Reis Magos Fort (this impressive Portugese Fort was a prison for some years and is no longer open to the public).

How long Coco Beach from Candolim Beach

When you are at Candolim, you can visit Coco Beach and Nerul, which are just 5km away from the beach. Here you can enjoy a drink and a bite at St. Francis Shack or just enjoy boat rides up the Mandovi River.

Apart from this you can visit Quincy corner which is a nice place in Candolim, where you can listen to ambient music in a delightful décor of palm tree and coconuts, very away from the road, and people.

There are a number of nice shacks in Candolim from Bistro sun and sea-side to Pete’s café. Also the Oceanic, Sea-side mama Cecilia are nice and away from the crowd. If you want to listen to reaggae music try Pedro shack’s, just down the Goan heritage hotel. Sometimes they make nice parties also there.

Most Time spending Location Coco Beach

Known all over the world for churches, beaches and several Portuguese landmarks, Goa is an Indian state that captures the true beauty of tourism around the country. Coco Beach is one such part of Goa where tourists can spend hours entertaining themselves with the stunning scenery and a vast array of incredible watersports.

Popular Fishing Hub Coco Beach

Coco Beach has a truly unique location, for it stands right on the mouth of the Nerul River. Situated atop the Mandovi estuary of the same river, this Beach is a traveller’s delight for its scenic beauty. It is well ensconced on all sides by the Mandovi river bay. Coco Beach is primarily perceived as a natural bridge between Candolim and Nerul. Adding to the Beach’s incredibility is an array of beach shacks, restaurants, local markets, resorts and traditional Portuguese villas located all around the place. Coco beach has a steep gradient and is most often explored by river cruises that sail along the Mandovi river. Due to the combined aquamarine life of the sea and the river combined, Coco Beach is a popular fishing hub. If you travel to the Beach, you will notice fishers dotting the place all day round.

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