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Ola and Uber is not available in Goa

Ola or Uber are not operational in Goa, and will not likely enter the taxi market for a long time to come because of the local taxi business. If you need taxi call us at 08180951176

Or second option is to use the Prepaid taxi services for airport to hotel transfers; for the other way round, one has to bargain with the local taxis, (your hotel desk should offer a good deal, but check outside as well) using prepaid rates as a guide. 

10am to 6pm there are two prepaid taxi counters at the airport one for 'Yellow black' and other for 'White' Goa tourism available. The White ones are a little cheaper by about 20 -30 bucks.

On an average the rates in Goa charged by these local taxis are double that of OLA or UBER charged at any Indian city. e.g. A 30 km ride in a hatchback will cost you 350 (sedan 450/-) in Bangalore by OLA but in Goa it will be 800 bucks approx.

You can contact us for exact price for exact date, because price may change according to normal season or festival season.

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