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Spice Plantation Information

Sahakari Spice plantation basic Information

Sahakari Spice Plantation

The tourists are welcomed at the entrance of the Sahakari Spice Farm in a traditional way, by performing an Aarti, garlanding the guests and applying Kumkum on the forehead. Then you will head to the restaurant where welcome drinks are served (coconut water, kokum juice or raw mango juice). You should definitely try the traditional Goan drink Cashew Feni which is free of cost at the drinks counter of Sahakari Spice Farm. Post the introductory refreshments, you will be assigned into groups for a guided tour through the plantation. Some of the spices in the Sahakari Spice Farm include Cinnamon, nutmeg, Cardamom, Cloves, Chili, Turmeric and Ginger. Apart from a tour in the spice garden, you will find other forms of entertainment inside the Sahakari Spice Farm Goa. This includes traditional dances of the Konkan region like Fugdi, Jagor, and Dhalo by the folk artists of Goa.

Elephant Ride and Bathing

The main attraction of the Sahakari Spice Farm is the Elephant ride and washing. Upon depositing an extra Rs 700, you can ride elephants and witness washing of them by their mahouts. The elephant ride comprises of a round trip along the path of the Sahakari Spice Farm and if you join the ride, you will be entertained as this is one of a kind experience inside a spice farm. There are three elephants inside the Spice Farm, one male, one female, and a baby. The Authorities at the spice farm make separate arrangements for ride and wash of the elephants.

Lunch at Sahakari Spice Farm

After the session of tour and entertainment, you can take a rest and head to the restaurant which is situated within the farm. The rustic-looking, wooden restaurant resembles the shacks made up of palm leaves on the beaches of Goa and the foods are served in banana leaves, bowls made of coconut shells and earthen glasses.

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