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Others States Taxi Driving Badge is Not Acceptable In Goa

Goa's CM Mr. Pramod Sawant made this rule recently that other states driving badge licence is not acceptable in goa to drive taxi in Goa.

We know that this decision is in faver of Local Goan people's. But If you check ground reality then you will find that this decision is actually for giving trouble of Local Goan Taxi owner's.

Fine Rate is 10000₹

Pramod sawant don't want outsiders to drive taxi and Earn money in Goa. He want only Local Goan people's to drive taxi. 

In the End there are 80% drivers are from different states of India not from Goa.
And Goan people's can't manage this huge amount of tourists without outsiders support.

Want is Pramod Sawant trying to?
Is he recovering money which he spend in Recent election?

He recently increase fuel price 10% in about 16 days period of time. And now he is trying to impose this type of new rules, and said this rule is for avoiding road accidents.

But If Outsiders drive taxi in goa with proper driving badge licence then what's the matter?
They are driving with Proper Badge. Then it must be ok, no matter which states badge they are holding.

He is just taking revenge from taxi owner's for not supporting in election. 
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