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Welcome to Baga, a sunny and beautiful place
by the coast in Goa. Picture yourself on golden beaches, having exciting water
adventures, and enjoying lively nights.

Baga is perfect for both relaxing by the beach
and having fun. If you like peaceful beaches or exciting nightlife, Baga is the
perfect vacation spot for you.

In this article, you'll learn a lot about Baga
and also understand why booking baga
taxi service
is important. Read this article till the end and get the
complete information.

Taxi Fare Chart From Baga To all Famous Places in Goa, Including North And South Goa

To Distance In KM Sedan Suv
Anjuna Beach Goa 6 600 700
Dabolim Airport 41 1300 1700
Calangute Goa 4 500 600
Mopa Airport 31 1250 1500
Arpora 2.5 500 600
Ashwem 18.5 1000 1200
Assagao Goa 8.2 700 800
Candolim Goa 6.2 500 600
Dona Paula Goa 27.4 1000 1100
Mapusa 10.3 700 800
Mandrem 16.9 1000 1100
Miramar Goa 21.5 900 1000
Morjim 15.81 1000 1100
Nagoa 37 1300 1700
Nerul 8.6 700 800
Panjim 19.72 900 1000
Raibander 20.2 1100 1300
Saligao 6.3 600 700
Siolim 10.2 700 800
Sinquerim 8.2 600 700
Taligao 20.9 1000 1200
Thivim 17 1000 1200
Vagator 7.7 600 700
Porvorim 12.4 800 900
Sangolda 10.5 800 900
Parra Goa 7.1 600 700
Assanora 23.7 1200 1400
Advualpal 25.4 1100 1300
Agonda 85.7 2800 3500
Benaulim 52.6 1700 1900
Bicholim 32.5 1300 1500
Colva 47.974 1700 1900
Colvale 17.5 1000 1200
Dabolim Airport 40.8 1300 1700
Margao 50 1500 1900
Mobor 63.8 1900 2300
Mangueshi 36.8 1300 1700
Navelim 51.1 1900 2300
Nuvem Goa 44.2 1700 2100
Old Goa 26.3 1200 1400
Palolem 85.6 2800 3500
Patnem 86.0 1900 3600
Ponda 44.7 1700 2100
Varca 53 1700 1900
Quepem 62.1 2200 2500
Canacona 85.2 2800 3400
Cavelossim 60.9 1800 2000
Majorda 42.7 1700 1900
Curtorim 54.4 2100 2400
Raj Bhag 86.5 2900 3500
Betalbetim 45.6 1700 1900
Betul 64 1800 2000
Utorda 43.7 1700 2000

For Your Own Customised Package From Baga, Goa

For Swift or Sedan

  • 04 hours 40 kilometres for ₹1700

  • 08 hours 80 kilometres for ₹2500

  • 12 hours 120 kilometres for ₹3500

Extra km: ₹20

Extra hr: ₹200

Note: Kilometres will count from your starting location to return same location.
After 8pm, there's a ₹200 driver's night charge.

For Eartiga, Innova or Tempo Traveller Customised Package Fare Call Us Directly At +91 8180951176

Sightseeing Packages From Baga, Goa

We Have Two Sightseeing Packages From Baga, You can Book Your Persnal cab and Enjoy With Your Family and Friends with Any Cab You Need Like, Swift, Eartiga, Swift Desire.
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South Goa Sightseeing Package
North Goa Sightseeing Package

Why there is need of booking Baga Taxi Service?

Let's dive into the reasons that make booking a Baga taxi service an excellent choice to enhance your travel experience:

Convenience and Accessibility

Imagine taxis always being ready to take you on adventures, no matter the time. And guess what? Booking a taxi is super easy with the Cabgoa website on your phone. You can either make a quick call or use the mobile app – getting your ride ready is just a few taps away.

Local Expertise

Getting around in a new place can be puzzling. But with a Baga taxi service, you're in luck – experienced local drivers are there to help. They know the roads well, making your travel smooth.

Time Efficiency

Unlike public transport, taxis take you directly to top spots, no delays. Vacations are all about making the most of every moment. That's where a Baga taxi service comes to save your precious time.

Comfort and Flexibility

After a day of exploring or a night of fun, a comfy private taxi ride back to your place is a luxury you'll love. And don't forget, you can stop wherever you like – for a quick photo or a surprise visit to a café along the way.

Why choose Cabgoa for your baga taxi needs?

Discover the Top Reasons to Opt for Cabgoa's Taxi Service in Baga:

Reliable and Prompt Service

We get that your time matters, and smooth travel is essential. Our Baga taxi service is known for being on time, so waiting and delays are not your concern. With Cabgoa, you're choosing assurance. We're committed to being reliable and prompt.

Professional and Experienced Drivers

We care about your safety and comfort. Cabgoa's drivers are not only good at driving, but they also know Baga's roads well. With Cabgoa, you're in expert hands. Our drivers are experienced and know the area, so you're safe.

Clean and Well-Maintained Vehicles

Our cars are well-maintained, making your journey smooth and enjoyable. Whether you're alone or with a group, our vehicles suit your needs. With Cabgoa, you travel in comfort and style.

Transparent Pricing

No one likes unexpected costs, especially when it comes to prices. Cabgoa shows you everything upfront. No secret fees or surprises. Our prices are fair and fit your budget.

Top 10 iconic places to visit near Baga

Here are some iconic places which you can explore in and around Baga:

1.Baga Beach

Baga Beach is like heaven on earth for any beach lover! The sand feels like powdered gold under your feet as you take a refreshing dip in the azure waters. The happy chatter and laughter of families and friends fills the air. Shack restaurants serve up the juiciest shrimp curry and tastiest Goan fish thalis. As sunset approaches, get ready to join the crowds dancing joyfully to pumping music as the beach transforms into party central! Baga Beach has a vibe that's fun, lively and welcoming - it's no wonder why it's Goa's hottest beach destination!

2.Calangute Beach

With its long, sandy coastline, Calangute Beach offers plenty of room to spread out your beach towel and soak up the glorious sunshine. Children gleefully build sandcastles and couples leisurely stroll hand-in-hand along the water's edge.

The refreshing sea breeze rustles through the coconut trees as you sip on sweet, cold coconut water straight from the fruit itself. Hungry? Grab a bite at one of the many beach shacks serving the freshest catch of the day. Calangute has a laidback charm that encourages you to surrender to the relaxing rhythms of a perfect beach vacation.

3. Anjuna Flea Market:

The Anjuna Flea Market is a free-spirited paradise for shopaholics! Each stall is overflowing with unique treasures like bohemian style clothes, antique jewelry, handicrafts and more. You'll need to channel your inner haggler to get the best deals. Beyond shopping, the market has such an electric, festive vibe.

Impromptu drum circles form as travelers dance together. Wanderers make new friends over chai. Plus the mouthwatering aroma of international street food tempts you from every corner. Come with an open mind and get lost in the organized, colorful chaos that is the Anjuna Flea Market!

4.Chapora Fort

Standing atop Chapora Fort feels like traveling back in time. The crumbling walls covered in lush vines transport you to when it was an important Portuguese stronghold. Now, it is an atmospheric ruin with unparalleled, sweeping views of the coastline that stir your imagination.

The quiet setting high above the sea provides the perfect backdrop for peaceful contemplation. Feel the ocean breeze kiss your cheeks as you reflect on the impermanence of life and power of nature. Chapora Fort truly lets you escape the commotion of daily life.

5.Mackie's Saturday Night Market

Mackie's Saturday Night Market pulses with infectious gusto and enthusiasm! The grounds come alive with music, art and delicious aromas. Wander past stalls displaying locally made crafts and funky garments. Strike up a conversation with the talented craftspeople and musicians.

Let your tastebuds dance with tasty bites from food carts serving global flavors. Children skip about with cotton candy in hand while couples sway to live musicians. With its vibrant soul, Mackie's Market is the perfect place to connect with culture on a Saturday night.

6.Sinquerim Beach

Get away from the crowds, enjoy peaceful waters, and admire the stunning views of Sinquerim beach. Relax on soft sands, try exciting activities, and enjoy tasty seafood at cozy beach shacks. Apart from its beauty, Sinquerim also offers a sense of calm, making it a popular choice for weddings and photoshoots.

Dive into the underwater world, swim, snorkel, and unwind on clean shores. With nearby conveniences and a peaceful atmosphere, Sinquerim promises a wonderful escape. Embrace its charm for a unique getaway, a paradise waiting to be explored in Goa.

7.Aguada Fort

This fort was built by the Portuguese way back in the 1600s. It sits up high on a cliff overlooking the ocean and has awesome views. Go explore the stone walls and picture the soldiers who stood guard here long ago. See the old lighthouse - it still stands tall after all these years guiding ships at sea. There was even a secret freshwater spring inside that helped sailing ships traveling to Goa.

This place played a big part in Goa's sailing days! When you walk around, listen to the wind tell tales of the exciting past. Use your imagination - feel like you stepped back in time! Don't miss out on Aguada Fort - it's a blast into the past and takes you on an adventure! Come explore this gem from long ago and unlock its stories. You won't regret making the trip. An epic historical spot awaits!

8.Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

This bird sanctuary near the Mandovi River up in northern Goa that you should totally check out if you're into birds. As you wander the trails through the trees and wetlands, you'll spot kingfishers, egrets, and other water birds just hanging out and doing their thing. When the cold weather hits, even more birds fly in from way up north to kick back in the sanctuary's chill vibe.

It's an awesome spot for them to nest and rest their wings during the journey. The sanctuary keeps the birds safe and gives them their own special place to chill. So if you find yourself near Baga, make sure to stop by this little hidden gem of a bird sanctuary! It's a nature lover's paradise.

Wrapping up your journey

Explore Baga's serene beaches, exciting adventures, and lively nightlife.

Whether you're into relaxation or parties, Baga has it all. Make your trip easy by choosing Cabgoa's reliable taxi service with skilled local drivers and clear pricing.

Enjoy Baga's charm without worries – from beaches to local gems. Let Cabgoa enhance your adventure and fully immerse yourself in Baga's beauty.

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